Ao no Exorcist
Ao no Exorcist
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蓝色的除魔师, 青の祓魔師, 청의엑소시스트, Ao no Futsumashi, Blue Exorcist, The Blue Magic Exorcist
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
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This world consists of two dimensions joined as one, like a mirror. The first is the world in which the humans live, Assiah. The other is the world of demons, Gehenna. Ordinarily, travel between the two, and indeed any kind of contact between the two, is impossible.However the demons can pass over into this world by possessing anything that exist within it. Satan is the god of demons; but there's one thing that he doesn't have, and that's a substance in the human world that is powerful enough to contain him!!For that purpose he created Rin, his son from a human woman. But his son won't agree to his plans. He will become something else. An exorcist- with the express intent of defeating Satan.

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    A reader Says :

    1 Month, 6 Days ago

    What the hell with the last scene. So cute.
    We are talking about Satan damnit.
    But still. What a “love” (?) story. And Shiro clearly was in love with her too.

    A reader Says :

    3 Months, 1 Week ago

    Now that I’m seeing young Shiro and Satan side by side, I can’t help but see that Yukio looks a hell lot like Shiro and Rin, of course, like Satan. I wonder if there is a reason behind it.

    • ACWN Says :

      3 Months, 5 Days ago

      And Yuri looks like Shiemi.

    A reader Says :

    4 Months, 1 Week ago

    So it won’t be an impregnation by possession? I so like this version better!

    MoDeezyy Says :

    1 Year, 1 Week ago

    Typical plot the once close member of the once friendly group of protagonist turns to the darkside because he is upset at his weakness. After a time he gains unimaginable power that finally sets him apart, despite all “his” (yukio’s) attempts he still gets his but handed to him in the end by Rin! Straight (Naruto x Sasuke) once he is beaten by Rin he comes to a revelation that everything he did was wrong and they become close brothers once again…. the end.

    Plot twist Yukio dies protecting Rin from Satan… after his death, Rin gains Yukio’s abilities and defeats Satan once and for all. I like this ending better - I mean it sucks because Yukio has to die but I mean….. who likes Yukio anyways….. he’s a little BIIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCHHHHHHHH who couldn’t accept his weaknesses so he runs to the Illuminati! Face it Yukio you’ll always be the number 2 son,

    Rin’s number 1! I hope Rin whoops Yukio’s freaking assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!

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