69183 How about you actually read the story. Rai's energy is his *** many times has it been repeated that Rai weakens his lifeforce every time he uses his energy.0
guest 69092 please stop being an idiot. They could both completely exhaust their ENERGY but that has nothing to do with their LIFE FORCE. He had to weaken rai's ENERGY so muzaka could forcefully give him the rest of his own LIFE FORCE. The two have nothing in common with each other.0
So red is going to take Muzaka back to Crombel. He'll of course say that he'll patch wolfie back to normal. Except he wont and Muzaka will go around berserking like he foretold he mind, no senses. Ugh I hope Im completely wrong thats too predictable0
69092 There's probably gonna be some weird anime mechanism that makes both of them being exhausted and near death that makes the transfer better.0
You don't get to come off as the good guy when your actions move counter to your intention. I want to give him my power but first start a pointless fight that causes both of them to use their energy. More energy Rai uses closer to death. More energy Miz uses is less energy he can give Rai. Smart move would be starting the fight and letting Rai's first attack go through. Then give him the rest of your energy since you are now dying.0
My thoughts so far: 1. i think the first elder is one of the humans that orchestrated killing muzaka's wife and daughter and has lived a hella long time because of enhancements. 2. I think muzaka is trying to make rai kill him for some reason. He's too smart to still be consumed by rage after knowing that his own kind played a part in the death of his family. I bet his recently recovered werewolf attendant steps in and gets killed if he isn't just acting and then sees how wrong he was. 3. Either way Rai is either going to die soon or muzaka is going to transfer ALL of his life force to Rai to save him. Ultimately regardless of what Muzaka is really planning now I think that's how this will end up.0
I hope Mazuka is mind-controlled or something cuz he's going full *** today.0
kinda hard to think muzaka would be that senseless. maybe whatever treatment 3rd elder gave him had some hidden means of control over him? idk0
Why Muzaka still wants revenge? Those people who catched his daughter are dead. He wants to kill innicent kids who are exactly like his daughter. Then what is difference between Muzaka and those who kill his daughter? I don't get it.0
I don't get the logic... Were's plot the whole thing, but he wants his revenge from humans.0
All I see is someone throwing a hissyfit because he couldn't abuse his power. He is the stupid one thinking just because he is strong that weaker people wouldn't mess with him.0
Muzaka, you *** idiot...0
68898 cuz like all great things, someone has to *** it up.0
Chapter 479 shows that the ending of Noblesse is way overdue. It was foreshadowed so many times already that Raizel's life force has been nearly depleted and he will go into eternal sleep soon. He managed to help Muzaka win against Maduke and save the remaining werewolves. The power levels in the last arc were absurd and reached almost Dragonball heights. Why not end there...? Why spoil the manga with a Raizel vs Muzaka...?0
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