Even with the long wait for updates & having to reread previous chaps to remember whats happening aha... imma miss this manga. The ending reminding me of the first chap. and all the deaths and hardships the MC went through. but im happy with the cheesy ending. hope for something similar next maybe MC and Mines kids yeeee0
My god was that a terrible cheesy ending and seriously lacked dragon goodness. Tatsumi should have gone berserk and been the one pounce on kill the respective elites. Leone should have been seen as a Leone shaped jaguar spying from a distance, before slinking into the forset.0
'Thus, the emperor was executed before the people. And in stark contrast to the prime minister... He stayed firm and resolute to the very end.'I understand that from the very beginning the Prime Minister was a coward who turned tail as soon as he realized the battle was lost, but I still think it's a bit unfair to compare what was implied to be a more mundane execution and tying someone down and abusing the fact that they're nigh-unkillable to slice them up piece by piece while they're conscious.0
@65510 Incursio power of evolution, he probable managed to deacrease his size later.0
I think the manga was all in all very good. Well balanced, a tad brutal (though plot-wise justified), no "nakama power" preventing the main cast from dying, etc. The ending might seem underwhelming, but it does take time to tie up all of the plot points generated thus far. Most mangas we read don't have closure :).I'm looking forward to reading more works of this author.0
@Guest_65507 - either his, ermm, "equipment" isnt proportional, or the author didnt want to reference the whole "man of steel, woman of cardboard" issue0
Because nothing spells "peaceful new reign of gentle people" than brutally and publicly torturing a man.0
Great ending to a manga that didn't really have any revolutionary story. It's all about death and killing, and if you were expecting more than that then this manga wasn't for you to begin with.0
Exactly. And Mine is pretty small herself. That, uh, must have been quite the ordeal0
Whoa whoa whoa, tatsumi and mine had children!? As in plural?! How the f*** did that work, dudes a 20 foot tall dragon!0
Dude as if there hasn't been enough great characters getting killed off...0
AAAAAAAAAAAAAND shit ending. Id rather everyone died than this garbage. At least that would fit better.0
So Tatsu and Mine had children. Should I.. should I be happy for her, or should I feel sorry for her?0
better ending than the anime. still felt weak as shit though. like the kind of ending where the author doesnt know how to end the series.0
Thinking about it the whole 'fused Teigu' business is also why Leone had to be written off.Tatsumi's transformation was very dramatic with a lot of build up and side effects, like the dragon trying to take him over and him effectively dying and then being revived, but having to live the rest of his life as a huge ass dragon (of course being a dragon isn't necessarily all bad but a body of that size and form certainly isn't without inconveniences).Leone just popping up being like 'yo I'm a catgirl' now would've undermined that. Practically no build up, with a lot less story importance behind it other than giving a reason why she'd be able to drag the Prime Minister to justice and, perhaps most importantly, simply being a lot more advantageous with practically no downsides other than 'no longer fully human'. All that combined would have made Tatsumi's fate feel awkward, so I can see why the author decided that rather than having the fusion save her life it was more that the fusion brought her a bit more time.Doesn't make me less sad though. Granted a lot of deaths happened in this manga that made me sad, since there were quite a lot of characters who I liked and who died.1