At the end there is no explanation about Magna Charta between Dragon and Human , there is no full explanation about Ragnarok/Dragon King Festival and there is no explanation why there are conflict between dragon vs human and good dragon vs bad dragon. the final battle seem rush too much.0
If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it on 5 other manga.0
#guest 68268..i feel i dont get any expectation in monday/tuesday anymore..coz nanatsu no taizai is going from mildly interesting to downright crap (like his previous work) can say ANYTHING about mashima..but the dude is downright LEGEND among mangakas in shomagz..every other mangaka refers to him respectfully..some even start their career by being his assistant..he ACTUALLY defines a weekly standard for shonen action genre in sho magz (ones you notice if you read too much manga that by glance you know this is released in jump, magz, enix, etc)..and the dude can draw (not to mention make story) of 2 / 3 weekly project simultaneously, virtually almost no breaks for 5++ years (like hxh, dgray, or even one piece nowdays), with a "constant" quality drawing, while still have time playing games (he IS an avid gamer)..the dude is freakin MONSTER..0
considering the cop out at the end of RAVE i am not surprised in the least bit that Hiro made all the characters happy with this whole "the power of love" bullshit. Rename this manga to Fan-Service Adventure the manga0
Guest_68280 it makes me a man who doesnt give up half way. It was actually so bad, i did look forward to every week to see just how much gayer it could get. It was great in the beginning, but after the 7 year bullshit it was over.0
Okay, okay, that entire Arius and Mio thing doesn't make sense in MANY ways, but here are some possible theories that could still make sense of it: [1] Two people just happen to look exactly like them and met THERE of all places at that time, which is less likely than a Jupiter-sized meteor crashing into Earth tomorrow. This means basically mortal clones of ancient immortals were roaming the world for the past 13-some years and met just now. Denying the possible, however unlikely, in fiction is stupid, so this is now a theory. [2] Zeref and Mavis were re-created (though I know you'll say "didn't die" anyway) without any/fake memories, living new lives the past 1 year and happened to meet, maybe through instinct. Getting a life and all that in 1 year? pfft...maybe. [3] Similar to theory 2, except created as illusions. Now this covers the improbable parts of being so...assimilated into society (getting life, etc.) within the 1 year and the chance encounter, AND this is consistent with their curses--in contradiction with immortals dying through their love of each other's lives, their existences (or "shadows") live on as immortals at the same time, resolving the contradictory paradox as "both dead and alive." The magic to maintain these illusions? The same residual magic power that permeated the town after they had "died," the same magic power that gave life to Makarov's lifeless body. Death granted by rejected life, and life granted by rejected death. This is the most likely theory but falls apart the easiest, since it's easy to prove they're not illusions if we get to watch them more. Probably unrelated, but that Zera fairy at the end could support this illusion-making theory.0
Guest_68280 That would make them a fudanshi/fujoshi.0
ChrisKaueIf it's the gayest thing and you kept reading what does that make you? Haha.0
Thank God Natsu and Lucy didn't hook up. That *** never made any sense at all. They literally treat each other like siblings. Y'all some incest wanting ass niggas.0
Wasted potential0
its not over yet guys.. its just the end of this arc. they're gonna do some next generations baruto esc ***. I like how they shut down a few fanfic shippings.. laxxus is a forever alone, haha..0
We've reached the end, my friends. The nightmare is finally over. REJOICE!0
Guest_68267 not mad, just tired of the same people always complaining every week. They act like they hate it, yet they keep coming back for more. It's pathetic.0
by no means is this a perfect ending. BUT it is an ending nonetheless. there are manga like one piece and detective Conan which i hate. Conan isn't that bad, but they don't work towards an actual ending, which i don't like. i have the same issue with one piece. people might berate this manga with its flaws and im not saying there are no flaws but they gave it an ending which is rare in this modern age of Cash-Cowing.0
Acnologia get's one shotted with the power of friendship. Lucy and Natsu still haven't hooked up. Jelal and Erza still haven't hooked up. Juvia and Gray still haven't hooked up. Mavis and Zeref are still alive. Everyone simply went on another mission as if nothing happened at the end. A circus monkey could have predicted this ending0