Season 4 when0
It took him a while but FINALLY... I like that look in his eye.0
All hail Escanor of the Seven deadly sins, Master of the Sun, Lion's Sin of Pride, God of the Sunshine, Bar Master of My Sweet Gluttony, and Monster of all Monsters.0
@476 Or the Harem King could be Jung Yoon-Hwan from Life Howling (Manhwa with same author, but much better story IMHO). He has red hair and is in the same world as The Gamer I believe. I think the Temp Mage is probably Jee-Han's father or mother.0
He cannot be the harem king. They have different color hair. I believe the author has drawn the HK with reddish hair. However, that doesn't leave out his dad. I don't believe the time traveler aspect but he could marry Shi-yun and have a kid with red hair, but that would be a weird direction.0
its rather obvious that the harem king is his dad sheesh0
@68318 I agree with him being the Harem King.I think that he sent himself back in time to grow stronger, and as the Gamer gets stronger,that strength is added to the Harem Kings strength.0
68145 / 68078 - There a theory on webtoon that he, himself, is the Harem King. The Harem King is basically all powerful and has abilities that act outside of Gaia's control. One of these is the ability to move through time. It's paradoxical and nobody has had a very good reason for him to be doing this aside from it being to correct past mistakes he feels he made.0
HA so now he has to up his VIT, and he is going to learn how to make himself some artificial guardians. Hopefully he starts rounding out the rest his stats too. Things might start getting interesting.0
He doesn't want them to know his real abilities, so he's hiding those bonus stat points. Then if he ever gets in real trouble, he can use them.0
@68232 Yeah, but if someone actually manages to block his magic he is boned. Every attack and most of his defense is based on MAG. Even though he has some defensive Chi techniques that is it, but more then likely he his an item to counter act magic sealing. So he will probably still just be a basic Mage. Which is kind of sad since the Gamer power itself has a lot of potential. He could easily train his physically stats by finding a gravity spell, and actually learn some more Chi techniques to balance himself out. Also it looks like he hasn't even changed his title yet. I don't know if all battle mages in this world are idiots or it is just him, but I think the stat should be called MAG and not INT. I'm mostly reading this because I really like his power.0
garlyle, problem is his other magic already help covers his weakness. He already have multiple shields, 4 girls to help tank and attack on their owns. resist to mind and physical attack. With unlimited MP, he's pretty much invincible. Only thing he's lacking are stronger attacks which is why he'll lvling up. Without wasting precious stats points, he'll getting stronger the traditional way.0
His insistence on ONLY leveling up his mana really hurts this series. Wisdom, strength, dexterity, defense, whatever. leveling any of these up would help, making him far more well rounded. Let me break it down like this. In the, FAR superior series Negima, Negi is faced with a choice. Become a regular western mage who sits back and slings spells while a helper gives him time to do so, OR balance his magic abilities with martial arts abilities so that he doesn't NEED anyone to run interference for him and he can be bad all by himself. If Negi chose the latter, the gamer is choosing the first, and that sucks.0