@68673filling in the gaps with something similar from reality doesn't make it fact, which is what you're doing. Does the text say it's marie antoinette syndrome? No, but u and other ppl are, because you're "filling in the gaps" and trying to explain something manga with reality. And btw black nails doesn't have anything to do with marie antoin syndrome, which specifically refers to the whitening of hair.What the text does say in ch. 131Everytime Kaneki fights too hard with kagune or is wounded badly, he ages prematurely, because his cells divide at an extreme rate. And that's it, they don't mention anything about marie antoinette syndrome like u guys do, because the author came up with his own reason. I can call it bad writing, because conveniently Kaneki still appears as a young man in his 20s with little to no wrinkles, despite him having "aged prematurely0
when kaneki come back i am sure he will feel despair lol0
Overcome experience with emotion? Is this fairy tail?0
@68671, it is not "inspired" it is literally marie antoinette syndrome. It happens after he's tortured (cause of stress), get normal hair when he loses his memories of being tortured and of what he fought for(loss of stress), and then when he regains his memories his hair becomes white once more(return of stress). Lastly, the fact that his nails are black are a detail that cements the fact that it IS marie antoinette syndrome, not just "inspired" by it. And even if it is not marie antoinette syndrome for whatever reason, there is no reason to call this bad writing. It's not like the condition was invented by the writer or something. In the case a reader didnt know about "marie antoinette syndrome", they should (or rather as i did and other friends did too) just think about how stress makes you have white hair0
@68075, rinrokenthan you blame bad writingnowhere is marie antoinette syndrome mentioned in the manga; it might've been inspired, but you guys are just trying to fill in the manga plot holes with reality0
Just go to mangastream or managahere0
Missing pages for chapter 138, it stops at 10, had to go read rest elsewhere.0
Urieeeee!!! Fightoooooo!!!0
Fckkk.. I already save up to 40 chapters..But under 3 days i already catch up to the newest chapter.And this newest chapter so fvckin cliffhanger!Who else strong enough to beat that fuckin clown and that stulid 'V'.. They are too OP even for kaneki squad or ccg investigator..0
The CCG team is OP as freak!0
Ugh, that was a pretty weak turn of events. That huge device in his mouth going beep-beep and noone noticed so far? Not to mention that they went so deep cause they had to find a place where they can not be detected. Those devices shouldn't have the transmission range needed to find them with all the steel-concrete and scrap all around. But whatever.0
Its a bit of both. Marie Antoinette syndrome could be the original cause for the white hair but remember, it started turning black again once he became an investigator. For it to go white again almost immediately couldnt be the same thing. As for him having more wrinkles, you would think the point of his super regenerative abilites is to keep him in peek condition. If so, then normal aging does apply to one-eyed ghouls. Hes like a new power tool that last for a really long time at full power but dies all of sudden instead of those old ones that noticeably lose power over time.0
@68072 no what 68068 said is true, his hair did become white when being tortured tokyo ghoul. If the white hair was because of aging, then he would have more wrinkles now too.0
@68068no, it was literally just revealedeverytime Kaneki fights too hard he ages prematurely0
i think the white hair is from marie antoinette syndrome where someones hair goes white and their nails go black from stress0