It's so sad. If Vamirio and Helck have a child, she will die giving birth to her (they can't coexist)0
Guest_68420 : I thought it was him at the end. So yes, where the F is he ??0
did anyone wonder where the F is the overlord/great leader of all the demon race? IIRC, in the beginning they stated that there is one top rank above the four heavenly king including vamirio and azudora which is the emperor or something...0
Soooooo dark compared to the beginning...0
Smells like ultimate sacrifice :-/ Maybe Cless will replace him as humanity and demon world protector, while he beats Will-of-The-World puppets...0
You don't know that. Anything can happen as the story goes on. He sees her as a child now, maybe, but that doesn't mean he'll always see her that way0
Well, sorry to disappoint but there is no way Helck is looking at Wamirio in a sexual way. You can find out in other bonus parts of the manga (not translated here for now) : he treats her like his own "pampered child'. He has no idea she is full grown-up. She looks like a little girl to him. So no way they are gonna have another kind of relatonship.
Those two need to *** already. Better yet, have a child together. What better way to bridge the gap between humans and demons than having two of the most powerful and influential of their respective races get together? Besides, can you imagine their child? Freaking Fire Hercules or something0
Let's hope that silly bird get roasted. He didn't listen and now he is crying for help !0
Apart from sexual orientation, cooking and relationships considerations, that manga is simply awesome.0
Associating cooking and being gay is rather odd. There are far more male cooks and chefs worldwide than there are female cooks and chefs. By that fact alone, you could say that cooking is predominantly a male activity.0
@Guest_61488 While I don't disagree with your point overall I think you do yourself and the world in general a disservice by assuming that a guy who cooks, cleans, and stays in shape is automatically attributed to being gay. No offense but that's just an ignorant thing to say. Go back to ancient societies and you'll find a hundred different things they attribute to gay people. No few of which were that gay men were considered MORE manly than straight men. So none of those attributes have anything to do with his sexuality. If anything it has everything to do with the fact the main character is a parody of every Marty Stu and therefor great at EVERYTHING.0
* Like it began (sorry)0
Guest_61488 : "Seriously though there is no need to sexualize a relationship based on opposite genders". Could not agree more. I think that manga will end like it beginned : with a lot of friendship involved, brother and sisterhood, and so on. I can understand you miss the romance, but I'm fine with some loveless story once in a while. Fiendship and like-family bounds are good too.0
Alicia Vamiro...I wonder why Helck doesnt seem to show great romantic interest in either of them...DUH Helk is Gay w/ a capital G. More power to him....waits for blowback:)Seriously though there is no need to sexualize a relationship based on opposite genders and if you really want to look into it there is more to support that Helk is either a eunuch or gay man than anything else. Cooks, cleans, strong but not hyper macho, handsome....are some of you fan boys starting to get uncomfortable with your attraction to the main character. Think on it people...0