Why the f**k is this shit still ranked number 2 on this site. It's 2017 already come on..0
Soul society arc was this manga's climax. Aizen arc was decent, but after that it was complete shit. Won't even lie. The ending was worst than that. So many things left unanswered and all that hype about a new powered up ichigo proved to be nothing but hype. Please don't make a spinoff or comeback...but let this series die. I don'r want to shit on Kubo's dreams, because everyone should do what they love. So If he can come back with a new original idea for a new series he should go for it. But please lets get some creative new stuff going here.0
Anyone wonder how renji and rukia had a kid when they're kind of spirits since they're shinigami.... like...the kid wouldn't really grow up wouldn't it.. i've never seen a shinigami age either so....0
Nope I can't side with Kubo on this, he was fighting with his editors since the beginning to have his own way with the manga. He's lucky that it lasted as long as it did with his poor excuse for ongoing engaging story telling and gradual decline in art.Even DBZ's creator Toriyama who's story telling sucks d*** and never evolves listened to his editors because he trusted them, FACT: if he didn't do what his editors suggested during the cell/android saga, Dr Gero and his fat sidekick were going to be the main villians for that arc. Can you imagine how utterly shit that arc would have been if that happened. DBZ's recurring plot: Strong enemy appears, train, learn technique which drastically increases your strength instantly, defeat enemy. Stronger enemy appears thereafter, repeat steps. All attacks Kamemehameha, galic gun, final flash etc do exactly the same damn thing and just have different names or colors.The reason DBZ still held strong was because his editors helped him to create and develop interesting characters and engaging battle scenes and had a constant theme of overcoming odds with hard work and determination. This all ran it's course at the end of the Buu saga since Toriyama was pretty much out of ideas at that point (Buu was basically a stronger pink perfect cell and the only fresh idea was fusion)The reason I'm using DBZ as an example is because you can it's influence on Bleach. Bleach is basically a clone of DBZ's story telling flaws but far worse, with heavily repeated ideas and close to no character development later in the manga. If Kubo had trusted his editors he may have done a far better job with Bleach in the long run. That being said this was still one of my favorite 3 manga in jump for a good couple of years so I know he can make something enjoyable to read so I hope he learned from his mistakes he made here and goes on to create something new and interesting1
I just hope they just let it death and don't get a shitty sequel with the kids like naruto...0
c'mon start the series about ichigo's kid and rukia's, you know you want to! Like how naruto was supposed to have ended yet his son came into the picture, pffft...0
Guest_62806 not sure if trolling or actually retarded0
Wow, I just realized this ended. Sad day for the haughty guys that kept coming here every week to complain about pretty much every thing.0
An Bleach ending without Kon is no ending of mine >:C0
I really think Kubo gave up long ago due to disagreements with the publisher and just said f**k it I dont give a shit anymore im just gonna put shit together that dont make sense as a big FU to everyone0
Guest_62806Worst trolling ever. Can't be THAT obvious when trolling.Captcha reads: satanismProbably some basement dwelling fag came up with these.0
Bleach was going to topple over One Piece so Jump and his editors sabotaged him. It's pathetic I hope One Piece gets what's coming to it.0
Honestly I'm disappointed in Kubo...He knew the Manga was ending over a year ago and he couldn't come up with something better than this? He could have taken a mini break and came up with a reasonable plot, instead he just piled up hax power on top of hax power with out any character having a reason so do anything.Even how Ichigo won was weird and unfulfilling.Then they have a time skip and don't explain anything or about what happened to a lot of the characters that Kubo just hyped up and forgot about. Then they introduce the kids which is wack because the just took out the reminiscent of a huge threat with the poke of the sword.On top of all that Chad(AKA FaceDown) is a world boxing star. That's straight up cheating...he has powers.Given he's lost just about every fight he's ever been in. Now that he's fighting regular humans it's like Mike Tyson vs. a 5th Grader.Come on man.....0
Toriko isn't part of the Big Three for a large part because it's quite a bit younger, even if it's one of the most popular manga these days.Bleach, the shortest of the three, has 686 chapters and One Piece, the longest and the only one which isn't finished yet, has 837.Toriko meanwhile is still reaching for 400 and looking at the way it is progressing might actually never reach 400 chapters, since I doubt it'll take much longer to finish.Not that Toriko is a bad manga. It's just a lot younger than the Big Three. That said I personally don't find Toriko that interesting, but that's just personal preference.0
What about Toriko? Hasn;t that always ranked among them? I always thought it was One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Toriko0