it could make for a funny after story if, after ippo and taka becomes champs, taka slims down and goes after ippo.. but taka is so skinny and not used to that weight he gets rofl stomped by ippo.0
good. let the fight ends here like this. No need to have another 10 chapters of filler fights.0
I'm sensing a Takamura loss @_@, major foreshadowing in these chapters. He he's always confident before fights but he's being outright disrespectful to this opponent. He's not taking he seriously at all and the author his focusing on it heavily.0
Well his opponent seems to have a backstory of boxing because he wants to lift his village out of poverty. Maybe Ippo crosses the line in the ring and becomes a monster in the ring because he still kills the guy regardless of the sob story.0
I don't get it. He still haven't cross the line yet. So that means he's still not serious enough to go all the way. What's the point of this fight when he still haven't decide to step into the world of monsters?0
I have a feeling that even if Ippo loses, he's going to continue boxing, which will then greatly disappoint Kumi and cause her to break up with him . I REALLY hope that doesn't happen but that's the only path I see happening if he does lose. I think it'd be pretty interesting to see Ippo actually quit boxing, though, and have the manga focus on his daily life while supporting the other boxers0
Chapter 1175 and Ippo is learning about positioning in boxing. And from a newbie. Seriously? How are we expected to believe Ippo will ever win a professional fight? :D0
@66548 Well yeah, I never said Takamura shouldn't be an ass. I just provided some context instead of constantly harping on how bad his attitude is. It's like asian parenting. The method may not be right but the heart is there. People may find it annoying and continue to complain about how Takamura is an ass but I appreciate that dimension of Takamura and the realness of it.0
Another stupid episode where Ippo start spiraling in his own lack of confidence... Sigh.0
If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it on 5 other manga.0
Coach Genji is going to either die or get sent to the hospital really soon. They just foreshadowed it in this chapter with him coughing up blood.0
@55538 But that's Takamura's own fault. You can't expect someone to know something if you never tell them. Besdies, Ippo is very clearly doing everything for the Coach's sake. He's constantly saying as much . He wants to live up to the coach's expectations, he wants to make the coach proud, he wants to do this and that for the coach. Takamura is just being selfish and petty0
Who's the third guy? You can see Takamura, Ricardo Martinez and ??? Looks like David Eagle but might not be.0
Think Takamura has some resentment for Ippo because Ippo is the oblivious one who doesn't realize how little time the coach has and what kind of sacrifice Takamura makes to help the coach achieve his dream. Takamura bears this great burden on his shoulders and has only succeeded. Ippo has already failed once and yet tells Takamura he should take it slow without realizing how little time Takamura has before the coach dies. For Takamura, that's gotta be at least a little grating.0
Excellent chapter. Takamura isn't in a hurry to get to the top. He's in a hurry because he wants to get there while the old man is still there to see him do it and share in his moment. Hopefully the old series is about to come roaring back.0