at this rate, he's going to need 12000 chapters before he can be competitive with Ricardo Martinez0
Yeah, I am kind of getting tired of this 'is Ippo broken?' thing that's been going on. Unless they plan to end the series with him retiring after this fight, which would be absolutely shitty, I think they need to have the coach actually slap him after this round and tell him some sort of thing about approaching the fight like a newb.0
This piece of *** series needed to be about anybody else 700 chapters ago.0
Maybe this is the end of Hajime no Ippo0
Well, it seems like I'll have to take back what I said before. I didn't actually get the why of these chapters, at least not completely. I underestimated just how importance the desperation part was. Still, I mean... Actually I don't know what to say, other than that I don't find the way the story is going right now very engaging.0
Guest_68725 Looks like you were right. This desperation, this fixation is pathetic. This isn't Ippo, even everyone sees it. I wonder if the coach is right and he really does have some sort of mental condition now after taking too many blows to the head0
Ippo is simply not ready for the next level. Hes way too immature and simple minded to comprehend the magnitude of his endeavor. He wont change unless the old man dies.0
I am beyond disappointed in this fight. Ippo has NEEDED a clean win for, literal, years and instead we get a desperate slog, all because he HAS to use the new dempsey. And the desperation is as forced as it comes. Ippo's defining feature has always been his loyalty to his coach. Yes, he wants to please him, but he knows by now the best way to do that is to LISTEN TO HIM. Ippo disregarding his coach is totally out of character and the fact that its all to drag this fight out makes it worse. At the beginning, I thought this was the fresh start the character needed, but now....what the hell is the point to this?0
Strangest thing is that this isn't even the first time he fought a southpaw. Take Keiichi was also using the southpaw style.0
Desperation is a pathetic ting0
*** hell mate all that build up about the new Dempsey roll all those wasted chapters was a good manga r.i.p.0
Bruh just this match has gone on for far too long,ippo if you cant fight properly even though u could've iced that guy long ago. whats the point.0
I can understand the why of these chapters but it's still kind of underwhelming, especially since the biggest threat so far is 'oh no a southpaw'. Even if Ippo has as one of his biggest weaknesses that he can't improvise and adapt well a southpaw isn't even a unique trick. Yes he's being sloppy but at the same time he's getting more and more desperate throughout the match and the only reason it dragged out long enough for him to get really sloppy is because for some reason he's incapable of dealing with an issue as basic and straightforward as 'he's a southpaw.'0
This fight is about Ippo's desperation. He's desperate to acknowledge that the Coach's training is effective. He's desperate to make the Coach proud. He's desperate to land the new Dempsy Roll that he perfected along with the coach. All this desperation is making him sloppy, take dangerous hits he shouldn't have taken, and making him generally act like he wouldn't normally act. Even if Ippo is way out of this guy's league, he's still desperate0
I don't get what these last few chapters have been about. Apart from being dominating performance it seems dragged out and pointless. This fight should've been done in two chapters becasee his opponent is clearly out of his league.0