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BB Project Manga
Alternative NameB.B Project, BB Project OEL
Release Year2007
Author(s) Kaze
Genre(s)Action, Martial Arts, Shounen, Sports, Supernatural
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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For a few years, the city of Kyoto has been the theater of a secret war opposing extreme Japanese teenagers lauding the exclusion of the gaijin (foreign people) outside of Japan, and others who defend their integration. In order to avoid an escalation of violence between rival gangs, both sides have agreed to sort out the gaijins fate for good in an underground tournament where the best fighters from each side will have to fight against each other. The "Black Boat Project," abbreviated as the "B.B. Project," directly links to commandant Perry’s “Black Boats”: the symbol of the arrival of the gaijin on Japanese soil…

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