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Underdog Manga
Alternative NameUnder Dog, ???????
Release Year2008
Author(s) None
Genre(s)Action, Ecchi, Horror, Psychological, Seinen
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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What is the purpose of your life? To live is just to die? Is life a slow death? Do you even have your own purpose? Nao is a college student with such thinking...yet, reality is cruel to him. Ever since he was a child, he was categorized as a "ghost boy" whose existence was so faint that no one cared about him. One day, after being mentally traumatized by a child in a family restaurant, Nao snapped and poisoned that child. While being interrogated by the police, a mysterious beauty appeared and rescued him. Her reason was simple: "do you want to dominate the world with me?"

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