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Bloody Kiss Manga
Alternative Name?????KISS; Angel Koiuta
Release Year2006
Author(s) Furumiya Kazuko
Genre(s)Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
Type Japanese Manga (Read from left to right.)
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Latest Chapters Bloody Kiss 06.5:
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Bloody Kiss 05:
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Bloody Kiss 03.5:
Katsuragi Kiyo suddenly inherits a mansion from a grandmother she has never remembered meeting. Awesome, right? And being a poor student Kiyo happily accepts. But what if this mansion turned out to be haunted? And haunted by what? Ghosts? Oh no, in this mansion there are not any ghosts, but Vampires. Let us see if dear ol Kiyo still thinks she is so fortunate living with two Vampires.

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