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Cash Girl Manga
Alternative Name????; ???; Cash Girl
Release Year2000
Author(s) Kim Su Yeon
Genre(s)Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Type Korean Manhwa (Read from left to right.)
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Nohae has been crushing on Dona, his neighbor, since they were younger. Dona is a girl who was obsessed with money as a child and would make her childhood friend Nohae actually pay her. Time has passed and now she is a teen, broke and living on the streets with her dad.Her dad meets Nohae and arranges for Dona to live with him. But Donas not your typical heroine. She is one of those fake people, maintaining a perfect image at school but in front of her parents she is selfabsorbed, a glutton, and is quick to nab a meal or swindle money. She is quick to anger and has a grudge against Nohae, but he likes her so much he is completely unaware.

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Cash Girl 01 :
Cash Girl 02 : 09.30.2011
Cash Girl 03 : 09.30.2011
Cash Girl 04 : 09.30.2011
Cash Girl 05 : 09.30.2011
Cash Girl 06 : 09.30.2011
Cash Girl 07 : 09.30.2011
Cash Girl 08 : 09.30.2011