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Aries Manga
Alternative Name-
Release Year1987
Author(s) Fuyuki Rurika
Genre(s)Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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Fuyuki's modern adaptation of Greek mythology about the love between Hades the God of the Underworld and Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. The Greek gods and goddesses now assume human forms but still retain all their vast powers. All except for high school student, Arisa who for some reason is unable to remember her past incarnation as Persephone and her life with Hades who in this present day is her classmate, Amano. But the strength of their joint destinies is so strong that even without those memories, Arisa falls in love with Amano just like Persephone with Hades hundreds of years ago. But this time, Amano is determined that he will not lose Arisa like in the tragic past. He will protect her even if it means going against every immortal being and will not yield her to Zeus who wants to unlock the secret and the mysterious power that Persephone had then and Arisa has now.

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