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Chunrangyuljun Manga
Alternative Name ????; ????; Chon Rang Yeol Jeon; Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun; Sirius
Release Year1997
Author(s) Park Sung Woo
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Shounen
Type Korean Manhwa (Read from left to right.)
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The mighty Kingdom of Goguryeo is in the midst of a war which has raged on for decades. In need of talented warriors to help lead their people, ORhang Yhun is sent on a mission by his master into enemy territory to find and bring back his eldest brother. However, just as ORhang departs on his mission, his master, a renown warrior and general of Goguryeo, passes away. Unfortunately for ORhang, his 2nd eldest brother has always been jealous of his martial arts potential and betrays ORhang by branding him as a traitor defecting to the enemy. Having been branded a traitor, he is pursued and nearly killed. As fate would have it though, ORhang is able to escape from his homeland barely managing to survive when a maiden as beautiful and graceful as an angel saves his life.

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