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Cindrella Fella Manga
Alternative Name???? ?; Cinderella Boy (KIM Hee Kyoung); Cinderella Man (KIM Hee Kyoung)
Release Year2003
Author(s) Kim Hee Kyoung
Genre(s)Romance, Shoujo
Type Korean Manhwa (Read from left to right.)
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Shin Gyu Yun is the heir of the Shin Oong Group and the self-proclaimed prince of Koreas economy. However, he has a secret. Since his father left them before Shin was born, he can not help but clean things due to his past of helping out his mother with the chores. It was not until that Shins mother died in an accident that he came to know his scheming stepsisters by moving into his fathers estate. The stepsisters conspire to make him lose his position... but could that have made him fall in love with a lowclass girl?

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