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Betsuma Manga
Alternative NameBetsu Ma
Release Year2011
Author(s) NIKAIDOU Hikaru
Genre(s)Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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Betsuma 01:
It has been 300 years since mysterious blue mists started flowing out of the earth. All living things have become immortal and injuries heal instantaneously and sickness doesn’t exist. The aging process has stopped and creatures have stayed the same age since they were exposed to the mist.

Paze Diamond is a state chimney worker that maintains the piping system that regulates the flow of the blue mist. He is known in the town as a clumsy and unlucky person. Paze is in search of happiness although he doesn’t know what that really means. About the same time he starts seeing blue birds that only he seems to be able to see, Margaret Howell literally falls out of the sky on him. The beautiful and happy Margaret immediately takes interest in Paze. Could this be the happiness Paze has been searching for?

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Betsuma 01 :
Betsuma 02 : 05.08.2012
Betsuma 03 : 06.09.2012
Betsuma 04 : 06.09.2012