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Asahi Nagu Manga
Alternative NameAsahinagu
Release Year2011
Author(s) KOZAKI Ai
Genre(s)Seinen, Sports
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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Everyone wants a fresh start in high school and that applies ten fold for Toujima Asahi. She hopes that she can create a new image of coolness at Futatsuzaka High School; a school that used to be all girls until recently, which explains the female population being 5 times that of the male and the extracurricular activities being female oriented. Change isn’t as easy as Asahi thought and she is introduced to Maharu, a strong minded girl, and to Naginata, a sport similar to kendo. Asahi realizes that Naginata is what she needs in order to become a new person, as the sport allows those who are not the most athletical to shine even on a national level.

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