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Adeyaka Prince Manga
Alternative Name-
Release Year2011
Author(s) FUJINAKA Chise
Genre(s)Romance, Shoujo
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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Latest Chapters Adeyaka Prince 04:
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Adeyaka Prince 02:
Adeyaka Prince 01:
1. Adeyaka Prince
In two months, I will enter senior high school. The one that attends the one I long for, Maki. After studying and going back home with my boyfriend, I met with a beautiful young boy, in a car, wearing a kimono. And...?

Then this person's gaze...He really looked like that prince from kabuki theater, Nakaoka Sentaro! As Maki doesn't know anything about me, will I be able to suit him?!

2. Amai Akumu no Memai
Because of her parents’ circumstances, she’s living in a boarding house! And in that house... There's the ghost of a handsome guy?!!

3. Omocha no Kuni ni Tsurete tte

4. Koi Majinai

5. Ai Koso Subete

6. Adeyaka Prince Bangaihen: Adeyaka Parfume

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