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Chanto Kaitemasu kara! Manga
Alternative Name-
Release Year2010
Author(s) HOSHISATO Mochiru
Genre(s)Seinen, Slice of Life
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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As a manga author of a semi known series, Hirahara Daichi has the talent for coming up with stories, but is incredibly lazy and irresponsible. That leaves his two daughters, middle school student Ayumi and the even younger Sora, to pick up the slack. With the help of the assistant, Akane, the two kids are forced to draw and complete the series every month if they want an income for the household, a task no child should burden themselves with. On top of that, they must do this without people finding out because it will ruin the credibility of Daichi as an author and put a stop to the series. If being a teenager wasn’t hard enough, add to that the pressure of meeting deadlines for a national comic magazine.

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