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A Book Of Dreams Manga
Alternative NameJade of Bango, Mong Hwan Baek Seo
Release Year2003
Author(s) Yim Ae Ju
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
Type Korean Manhwa (Read from left to right.)
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An ordinary high school girl, Seonu Lin is actually a saint holding the Jade of Bango, the power of ancient times. On her sixteenth birthday she obtains special eyesight seeing, and goes to school every morning with the harmless and lovely ghosts. One day, however, she has an inspiring dream, and that evening, she encounters a terrible evil spirit. She is shivering in horror, but in the very nick of time a handsome man she had only seen in her dream before hand appears to rescue her. He also releases Lins Jade of Bango power. His name is In-Mu, who says to her that he is her fiance, as well as her guardian. With other guardians coming to take his place as her fiance, what could possibly go wrong?

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