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"Bungaku Shoujo" to Ue Kawaku Yuurei Manga
Alternative NameBook Girl and the Famished Spirit
Release Year2010
Author(s) NOMURA Mizuki
Genre(s)Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shounen
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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Our protagonist, Inoue Konoha is still being led around by his senpai, the Literature Club's President, self-acclaimed "Literature Girl" who loves stories so much that she can eat them, Amano Touko.

One day, someone put in the Literature Club's "Love Consultation Post Box" a bunch of paper scraps that have the words like "Hate", "Ghost is" and a bunch of puzzling numbers on them. Calling the act as "picking a fight with the Literature Club", Touko once again got Konoha involved in her investigation; but when they found the culprit, this girl turned toward them, smile, then said "I'm already dead."

The 2nd arc of the popular bitter & sweet school mystery series.

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