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Bloodline Manga
Alternative Name-
Release Year2009
Author(s) Aiou, Suxia
Genre(s)Action, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Type Chinese Manhua (Read from right to left.)
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"By writing your wishes on a black piece of paper and writing 666 on the back, you’re able to gain immortality from the vampires"

Last and Loli are the one of the few vampires left standing in their family. With the faithful servant, Selly, they wanted someone new in their family. However, Loli's choice doesn't seem to be in agreement with Last, the leader of the family. Hence, Loli tries to make decisions on her own...

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Bloodline 00 :
Bloodline 01 : 05.08.2013
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Bloodline 04 : 11.09.2013
Bloodline 04.5 : 07.18.2014
Bloodline 05 : 07.18.2014
Bloodline 06 : 01.06.2015
Bloodline 07 : 01.16.2017