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18 Diary Manga
Alternative NameTadashii Hoshi no Miagekata
Release Year2003
Author(s) Akira Shouko
Genre(s)Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Sports
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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A collection of one-shots by mangaka Akira Shouko: 1. 18 Diary -- Uchiyama Ayako has had a one-sided crush on classmate and good friend Kitamura Tooru since they started high school, but his sights are set on another girl. During their last summer together as classmates, she agrees to teach him to swim, but his sole motivation seems to be to impress that girl... 2. 17s Seisho -- Mizutani, depressed that her parents are filing for divorce, drinks alone at a bar when Sakuma her playboy classmate finds her and hits on her. They end up having a one night stand, but that is when all the trouble begins... 3. Tadashii Hoshi no Miagekata -- Kurahashi has been taking care of her little brother Takumu since her mother died. She has her reservations, however, since she can never seem to get the inward Takumu to open up to her. One day, however, Takumu shows signs of emotion when he sees her classmate Hokuto dance at the park

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18 Diary 01 :
18 Diary 02 : 10.27.2011
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