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Anastasia Kurabu Manga
Alternative NameAnastasia Club
Release Year2002
Author(s) Saitou Chiho
Genre(s)Drama, Historical, Josei , Mystery, Romance
Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)
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The main heroine of this history is Tsubaki Kamui, the granddaughter of a noted antiquarian. One day, in her shop comes a mysterious man, Sena Takuto. He is trying to find proof that he is indeed the grandson of the last surviving member of the Russian Empire, Anastasia. In his possession is something he wants Kamuis grandfather to see and appraise to prove his claim. However it seems like something of great importance to the late Anastasia was stolen recently. Does Takuto have anything to do with this? Will he succeed in his quest to prove his lineage? And what does Kamui have to do with this?

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